The Building Component Award is granted every second year. Next time in 2023.

The Building Component Award is given to individuals who have made a noteworthy contribution to furthering the understanding of the value and significance of building components, including their practical use in daily living. The award is granted to an individual or a small group.

The Building Component Award is DKK 100,000 

What is the Building Component Award?

With this award, we wish to create awareness about the value, significance and practical use of building components in daily life. The special recognition may concern both idea development and design as well as the construction of production equipment and marketing or a combination of these activities.

Building components are defined as subcomponents, prefabricated in an industrial process that subsequently forms part of a building. These may include established as well as new products. Building components that can be considered must have a significant Danish character - origin, history, production or in some other way anchored in Denmark.

Innovative trio receive the 2023 Building Component Award

Nomination committee
  • Anna Mette Exner, owner of Anna Mette Exner Arkitektur
  • Claus Juul Nielsen, executive director, Gamle Mursten
  • Frank Jensen, excutive director, Søren Jensen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma
  • Jacob Steen Møller, prev. director of campus, DTU
  • Mette Tony, partner, Praksis Arkitekter, chair of the jury 
  • Torben Sørensen, vice president, VKR Holding A/S 

Previous recipients

The Building Component Award 2021 is presented to Claus Juul Nielsen 

The Building Component Award 2019 is presented to Lauritz Rasmussen 

CEO of Troldtekt receives the Building Component Award 2017

The Building Component Award 2015 is presented to architect and designer Claus Dyre