We need to understand the world anew.

The climate crisis is a symptom. A symptom which shows that the world of the last 400 years has been dominated by an unnatural mindset. We have seen ourselves as being above nature instead of part of it. This mindset has upset the balance between man and nature, with disastrous consequences. There’s no way back. But where is the way forward?

We believe that a fundamental transformation is needed. And it starts with us understanding ourselves as part of nature. With understanding the world as a whole that cannot be divided into natural and human sciences. 

Because the questions are universal and fundamental. Is a human life worth more than the life of a sea anemone? Do animals and plants have rights? Can we change our perception of what is valuable?

The conversation has started. Environmental organisations, businesses and citizens alike demand action. Politicians and authorities are trying to adapt processes and legislation. But a rallying point is needed. A place that can combine and concentrate researchers, businesses and NGOs.

An international research center that can bring together philosophy, research and change.

Therefore, the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation has donated DKK 35 million to a new “Centre For Applied Ecological Thinking” under the University of Copenhagen.

Charlotte Korsager Winther
Head of Communications, THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS
+45 51 17 67 74