VELUX FONDEN launches Tænketanken Hav

The think tank, called Tænketanken Hav, will serve as a focal point for work towards a clean, healthy sea and sustainable use of its resources. Specifically, the think tank will gather knowledge and promote cooperation between businesses, citizens and decision-makers to restore the sea to full health.

Photo: Christoffer Marott

Maria Reumert Gjerding, Chair of the think tank board, comments:

If you dive just a little below the surface, you find that our sea is currently experiencing a deep environmental crisis. Eels and cod have gone from being some of the most common fish in Denmark to being critically endangered. Eelgrass and other plants are rapidly disappearing. We need to take action to avoid our sea ending up like an underwater desert.

There is fortunately strong awareness of the need for a green transition on land. But sadly the crisis in the marine environment, which covers 70 per cent of the earth’s surface, is very much overlooked. That is why we need a think tank that puts all its efforts into the sea, and shows how we can get a blue transition underway.

DKK 75 million for a period of five years

The Think Tank homepage (in Danish)

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We all have a lot to gain by taking better care of the sea. The sea serves as the blue lungs of the earth, which can absorb huge amounts of CO2 if there is rich animal and plant life. A healthy sea means more fish and a better food supply in the future. Sustainable use of the sea holds huge potential for the business sector. And we can ensure that our children and grandchildren are also able to bathe and catch sticklebacks in a clean sea

Board with representatives from business, NGOs and research

The board of the think tank is broadly composed. In addition to Maria Reumert Gjerding, marine scientist Katherine Richardson and Vice-chair Thomas Thune Andersen, who is also Chair of the Boards of Directors of Ørsted A/S and VKR Holding A/S, are also members. The think tank also aims to contribute to knowledge about business opportunities in the blue transition. It will be headed by Liselotte Hohwy Stokholm, a former director of Copenhagen Business Hub.

Chair of VELUX FONDEN, Lykke Ogstrup Lunde, comments:

-Our approach in Velux Fonden is always to create change through dialogue and collaboration between stakeholders and experts across disciplines. We believe that the sea also urgently needs this. That is why we have taken the initiative to launch Tænketanken Hav, to serve as the voice of the sea and promote close cooperation between businesses, decision-makers and civil society in relation to the blue transition.


  • VELUX FONDEN has allocated DKK 75 million to support the think tank for a period of at least five years.
  • The think tank will be headed by Liselotte Hohwy Stokholm, a former director of Copenhagen Business Hub.
  • The think tank has been established as an association for members from businesses and organisations, as well as researchers and private individuals.
  • The think tank will hold its first general meeting for members in September.

The board of the think tank consists of:

  • Chair Maria Reumert Gjerding (President of the Danish Society for Nature Conservation)
  • Vice-chair Thomas Thune Andersen (Chair of the Boards of Directors of Ørsted A/S and VKR Holding A/S, among other organisations)
  • Dea Forchhammer (Director, Ungdomsøen)
  • Katherine Richardson (Professor, University of Copenhagen)
  • Dorthe Jørgensen, (PhD, DTh – philosopher, theologian and historian of ideas)
  • Anne Christine Brusendorff (Secretary General, ICES)
  • Martin Præstegaard (Vice Chief Executive Offircer, ATP)

Tænketanken Hav, Chair Maria Reumert Gjerding, M: +45 3119 3286.

Tænketanken Hav, Director Liselotte Hohwy Stokholm,
M: 2498 8000,

VELUX FONDEN, Charlotte Korsager Winther, Head of Communications,
M: +45 5117 6774,

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