The VELUX FOUNDATIONS award DKK 320 million to climate initiatives

The VELUX FOUNDATIONS have worked with the climate and environment for decades, both in Denmark and internationally. With a new grant of DKK 320 million over five years, the foundations are intensifying their focus on the climate agenda in Denmark. 

70in30 was created in collaboration between the three related foundations, VILLUM FONDEN, VELUX FONDEN and KR Foundation.

70in30 consists of five concrete initiatives that are rooted in a broad circle of partners.

More information about the ‘70in30' project.

Under the heading ‘70in30’, they are supporting a number of joined-up climate initiatives that will create new knowledge, increase public engagement and strengthen the resourcefulness of children and young people. The initiatives should be seen as a supplement to the many good climate-related projects already underway in Denmark. 

“The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges of our time, and if we don’t solve it, the consequences could be catastrophic,” says Chair of VILLUM FONDEN Jens Kann Rasmussen, and adds: “Denmark has one of the most ambitious climate targets in the world. In this decade, we must carry out a green transition that will affect all parts of society. It’s a task that the VELUX Foundations want to help solve.”

Jens Kann-Rasmussen (left) and Hans Kann Rasmussen in front of a relief of the founders of the foundations, Villum Kann Rasmussen.

Chair of VELUX FONDEN Hans Kann Rasmussen adds:

“Around the world, many people are working to address climate change by reducing carbon emissions. If we in Denmark can show that the good ideas can be realised and have the desired effect, then they can be used as examples and arguments for necessary changes everywhere – also in countries with much higher emissions than Denmark.”

How big is our carbon footprint in Denmark?

One of the main initiatives of the 70in30 project is a comprehensive data study carried out at Aalborg University. Much of the data we use to calculate our carbon footprint today is more than ten years old. We, therefore, do not have an accurate picture of how much carbon the Danes actually emit. In the coming years, researchers at Aalborg University will further develop and update a climate footprint calculator that can be used in Denmark and internationally to give a better picture of our carbon footprint.

To ensure that the new data is translated into concrete solutions, the green think tank CONCITO will also receive a grant as part of the 70in30 project. The grant will provide significant support for the think tank’s work on developing concrete climate solutions in cooperation with politicians, companies and municipalities.

“This unique grant from the Kann Rasmussen family’s foundations will boost a number of climate organisations and initiatives that help give us more knowledge to act on. At the same time, the grant makes it possible to bring these organisations together in a shared building where they can create a strong, professional climate community,” says Connie Hedegaard, Chair of CONCITO and the KR Foundation.

In addition to Aalborg University and CONCITO, the foundations are also supporting DeltagerDanmark’s work on engaging Danes in the climate cause. Finally, funds are being allocated to support educational and communication initiatives.

For more information on 70in30 go to KR Foundation’s website. 

Contact information
  • VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN: Charlotte Korsager Winther, Communications Director, tel. (+45) 5117 6774,
  • KR Foundation: Jakob Bo Nielsen, Communications Director, tel. (+45) 5191 1466, 
  • CONCITO: Ghita Borring, Communications Director, tel. (+45) 9388 1819, 
  • DeltagerDanmark: Rune Baastrup, Director, tel. (+45) 4177 4575,
  • Aalborg University: Stine L. Hoe, Communications Officer, tel. (+45) 6196 7264, and Jannick Schmidt, Associate Professor,
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Head of Communications, THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS
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