Clinical eye care needs researchers in the short and long term

Our senses become less acute with age, and most of us will find that our eyesight is impaired to some degree. We become long-sighted, night-blind, develop cataracts or glaucoma. VELUX FONDEN is actively committed to sustaining research in ophthalmology in Denmark.

In 2019 VELUX FONDEN is planning to support ophtalmology with DKK 13m

Prority area

We support promising high-quality research and projects that seek to address existing issues and have supported this area for many years. The foundation particularly invites researchers and practitioners who work closely together to carry out and publicise research and practise-based results for the benefit of patients, the healthcare sector and decisionmakers.

The aim of the scholarships is to give medical students the opportunity to try out research while still in medical school.

The foundation is always interested in applications regarding major national and multidisciplinary projects.

Read more about our two focus areas here.

Through the years, VELUX FONDEN has made grants to a broad range of ophthalmology projects, including basic lab research, epidemiological studies and clinical studies.

Supported projects:

Medical students try out their aptitude for basic research

Multi-centre projects to advance Danish ophtalmology

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