VILLUM FONDEN is the principal shareholder of VKR Holding A/S, while VELUX FONDEN holds no shares in the company.

VILLUM FONDEN is the principal shareholder of VKR Holding A/S - the parent company of the VKR Group. Today, the VKR Group has around 15,000 employees in more than 40 countries.

VILLUM FONDEN currently owns 80% of the share capital and receives approximately 90% of the holding company's total annual dividend.

Because VILLUM FONDEN is a non-voting shareholder, it is not considered to be a commercial foundation.

VILLUM FONDEN is required by its trust deed to participate in the company’s development and seek to ensure the well-being of its employees. In particular, VILLUM FONDEN is required to participate in ensuring that the board of directors of VKR Holding A/S effectively manages the company, and that it acts in the interest of the company’s long-term health and its reputation as a model company.

The system of checks and balances between three principal shareholders (VILLUM FONDEN and two family shareholders) serves to maintain the requisite stability and balance in shareholder decision-making to ensure prudent governance of the VKR Group.

VKR Holding A/S