In addition to the familiar YIP grants, the Villum Young Investigator Programme has from 2021 been supplemented with YIP extension grants aka. YIP+. The grant is meant to secure a steady research career for the most talented YIP’s. See the first five grantees.
Ingenuity, commitment, excellence - meet some of the many enthusiasts who, with funding from the foundations, help make a difference in the grant areas - environment, research, social initiatives, children and young people's digital education, culture and society, and active senior citizens.
This year, VILLUM FONDEN is awarding a total of DKK 126 million to 19 particularly talented young researchers in the technical and natural sciences. Their research areas are very wide-ranging – from the formation of the universe’s first structures to sustainable production using microalgae.
On the occasion of VILLUM FONDEN's 50th anniversary, we are presenting two annual awards in 2021 to the extraordinary researchers; Ib Chorkendorff from DTU and Jens Christian Svenning from Aarhus University.
VILLUM FONDEN has awarded a grant of DKK 6 million to establish a shared physical makerspace at Svendborg Business College.
How can we as a society and as humans learn to embrace algorithms and artificial intelligence?
The Divérs Forening association has been awarded a grant of DKK 9.5 million from VILLUM FONDEN for the project Boss Ladies.
Jammerbugt, Favrskov, Svendborg, Odense, Frederikssund and Lolland receive grants totalling DKK 31 million from VILLUM FONDEN to create makerspaces – learning laboratories for design, invention and technology.
Five interdisciplinary research and practice projects will deliver new insights and solutions to current societal challenges – from the social exposure of refugees and exclusionary dark design in urban spaces to hearing loss.
15 large and small projects are letting daylight and fresh air into shared urban gardens, schools and halls of residence for the benefit of children, young people, adults and the elderly.
VILLUM FONDEN will become co-owner of CPH Village, which develops, builds and rents out small sustainable student apartments in central Copenhagen at a student-friendly rent.
VILLUM FONDEN has granted a total of DKK 14 million to six researchers under the new Villum International Postdoc programme. The programme is targeted at outstanding female researchers in the technical and natural sciences. The grantees’ research projects range from sustainability in construction and the adaptation of fish species to rising water temperatures.
VELUX FONDEN supports initiatives that allow socially disadvanted people to participate actively in social communities. The foundation is awarding five projects a total of DKK 11.5 million to develop and test new ways of motivating young immigrant women and people with mental health problems and physical illnesses to take part as volunteers. At the same time, it is starting an evaluation of the initiatives.
The topography of love, the norms of anger, Buddhism and consumption. With grants from VELUX FONDEN’s core group programme, seven humanities research projects provide new perspectives on, among other things, our feelings, politics and religion.
VELUX FONDEN is focusing on the development of methods to improve parental involvement among socially disadvantaged families. Three new grants are being issued to projects centred on play and learning among children in daycare centres, school-home collaboration and young people with self-harm tendencies.
51 researchers are receiving grants to test their bold and strange research ideas in technical and natural sciences. The projects have been selected from among nearly 500 applications that have been through an anonymous selection process.
VELUX FONDEN has granted DKK 2m to a research study aimed at creating knowledge about how voluntary social organisations best recruit and retain volunteers.
The Daylight Award invites you to the premiere of a series of extraordinary documentaries about the 2020 laureates
On 7 August, Executive Director Ane Hendriksen celebrated 25 years with VELUX FONDEN. Her work-related silver anniversary will be celebrated with several small-scale events with employees, business associates and family.
VELUX FONDEN has commissioned VIVE to map the relationship between young people’s well-being and their digital behaviour. The researchers point out that young people who feel lonely are more likely to spend time in front of the screen than young people who are flourishing.
VELUX FONDEN is awarding a total of DKK 14.3 million to three museum projects that rethink research and dissemination at the Danish museums.
The use of medication by the elderly is associated with a wide range of risks. With funding from VELUX FONDEN, three research projects will focus on how serious errors in the use of medication for elderly patients can be minimised.
On the UNESCO International Day of Light, The Daylight Award announces the 2020 Laureates: Juhai Leiviskä for his architecture, Russell Foster for his research, and exceptionally for this year The Daylight Award is given to Henry Plummer for his Lifetime Achievement
Thirteen human and social data collection projects will examine how the Covid-19 crisis affects our lives and society. The VELUX FONDEN Board of Directors has decided to provide a total of DKK 5.5 million for the projects.
Lykke Ogstrup Lunde joins the board of VELUX FONDEN.
Please contact us if you have questions regarding how Covid-19 may have direct or inbdirect effects on your project
VILLUM FONDEN has chosen the inaugural grantees for its Villum Synergy programme to support interdisciplinary data-driven science. Two full projects and six initiation projects will receive a total of DKK 52.5 million.
The UN International Oceanographic Commission and VELUX FONDEN are bringing together leading maritime foundations in Copenhagen 27-28 February. The aim is to foster alliance-building and discuss how to improve our maritime environment
Eight stand-out researchers have secured grants from the new VILLUM FONDEN Villum International Postdoc programme for women in science and technology.
A new vibrant area - modern and showered in natural light.
With 15 grants, this year's new team of young talents will be able to form their own research groups.
In 2019, VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN made a total of DKK 1.3 billion in grants to talented and inspiring people in Denmark and abroad.
This year's recipient of the Annual Award, professor Rasmus Nielsen, tells the big story of mankind’s evolution by studying the smallest genetic differences. The internationally acclaimed Danish scientist reveals humanity's past and evolution through patterns in genomes. On 23 January 2020, he receives the Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award of DKK 5 million.
With an ambitious initiative worth DKK 100 million over ten years, VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN aim to make the democratic development of the future data-driven Denmark stronger.
With his penchant for construction and wood, strong developmental drive and unique professionalism, Lauritz Rasmussen has worked for 30 years making prefabricated wooden elements into central building components in modern construction. In November, he received the Building Component Award 2019 for his dedicated and tenacious work.
Frede Blaabjerg is awarded an international energy award. Karl Anker Jørgensen is selected for a HC Ørsted Gold Medal. And Morten Mattrup Smedskjær receives the Grundfos Prize. All three are VILLUM FONDEN grantees.
Seven research projects from three Danish universities have received a total of DKK 41 mio. from the VELUX FONDEN core-group programme for research in the humanities. Early-career academics are well represented, the foundation notes
VILLUM FONDEN provides funding through a new initiative for Danish universities seeking to recruit leading foreign academics.
Batteries from rust, bubbles in ice. VILLUM FONDEN awards DKK 98.5 million in grants to 52 bold research projects within the technical and natural sciences.
The Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, has acquired one of the world's largest private collections of Baltic amber. VILLUM FONDEN, Augustinus Fonden and Knud Højgaards Fond have funded the acquisition.
A new VILLUM FONDEN programme aims to support the advancement of talented postdoc women in international research careers.
More research and knowledge are needed if society is to prevent the elderly population from being overprescribed, and even misprescribed, medicines.
VILLUM FONDEN introduces grants for interdisciplinary data-driven research.
A diverse group of researchers - from doctors and pharmacists to ethnologists – were invited to share knowledge at a workshop on a sunny afternoon in May.
VILLUM FONDEN, Danish National Research Foundation, Carlsberg Foundation, Lundbeck Foundation and Novo Nordisk Foundation grant a total of 1 billion DKK for basic research aimed at solving major societal challenges .
11 new Villum Investigators were celebrated 2 May 2019. They each received as much as DKK 40m for their research over the next 6 years.
VELUX FONDEN has funded a research and dissemination project, which is a partnership between Museum of Copenhagen, Odense Museums, the Nya Lödöse project and Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (Urbnet) at Aarhus University.
11 recognised scientists have been chosen to become the next Villum Investigators. All of them have strong international experience, five of them come from abroad. Together, they will receive DKK 410 million from VILLUM FONDEN.
Biologist Henrik Lauridsen has conducted research in the pale fish: the icefish, which inhabit the icy waters of Antarctica's Southern Ocean. Read more about his research project.
Jørgen Tang-Jensen has been elected new member of VILLUM FONDEN’s board of directors.