VILLUM FONDEN uses the tool 'Researchfish' to enable scientists to report the results of their research in technical and natural sciences.

VILLUM FONDEN ask their grantees to use  ‘Researchfish’ when they report their research results to the foundation. This only applies to researchers with a grant in technical and natural sciences: VILLUM Young Investigators, VILLUM Investigator, VILLUM Experiment, Centres of Excellence, infrastructure and research projects. Both private and public research foundations already use Researchfish.

What is ‘Researchfish’?

 ‘Researchfish’ is a reporting system originally developed in the United Kingdom for the Research Councils UK. It is used extensively by a variety of research councils and foundations across all main research areas both in the UK and internationally.


The researchers can register their research and report it to the relevant research councils and foundations with the help of Researchfish.

Why we do it?

VILLUM FONDEN uses  ‘Researchfish’ to get a good overall picture of the benefits of the grants for technical and scientific research. This gives us a better opportunity to follow-up on the research, analyse and monitor how our programmes work.

It is essential for us to facilitate the researchers' administrative tasks e.g. reports, and  ‘Researchfish’ makes it possible to reuse data from year to year, and at the same time we are reducing the requirements for the written report.

In recent years, the interest for the contribution of the private foundations have increased. This gives rise for us to contribute to the transparency of the results based on the foundation's grants. Several other Danish foundations also use  ‘Researchfish’; the Novo Nordisk Foundation, the Lundbeck Foundation and the Danish Cancer Society.

What is your task?

Your annual research report must meet these three requirements:

1. Report into ‘Researchfish’
2. Send us a short written report. Please find template here.
3. Send us a revised budget and a financial report

What do we use it for?

 ‘Researchfish’ gives us access to data on the research results, which is used by foundation's board and management.

The data will is also be used in the ongoing monitoring of VILLUM FONDEN´s programmes.

What is your responsibility as a grant recipient?

When you have received a grant from VILLUM FONDEN, we ask you report annually the results of your research including publications, partners, outreach activities, patents, use of facilities etc.

VILLUM FONDEN will automatically send you an invitation to join Researchfish, so you can register in the system.

Facts and support

We recommend that you take time to learn the system, e.g. via:

Webinars: Research Fish regularly holds webinars which can be booked via Researchfish
Help Videos: Find Researchfish or on Youtube

If you need assistance please contact Researchfish or VILLUM FONDEN

Researchfish Live Chat: available Mon.-Fri. 9-17 (GMT)
Researchfish Email:

Manual and review of the system


Which result categories should be reported?


If you need further information, please contact: